Amor de Mar

Where we are?

Montezuma is on the tip of the of Nicoya Peninsula, between Cabo Blanco and Tambor • Costa Rica

Our Philosophy

amorde mar cultural collage

The hotel’s intention is to benefit the local community and to respect the delicate ecosystem in which it resides.

Amor de Mar operates on eco-friendly principles. We only use 100% biodegradable cleaning materials, dish wash and laundry soap. The bathrooms are equipped with water saving toilets and instant energy saving hot water heaters. We recycle and encourage visitors to refill their water bottles in our lobby.

Amor de Mar is active in supporting many community projects such as: the recycle center, the children’s orchestra, the local school, and improvement of local infrastructure. The hotel features the work of many talented local artisans, displayed in our lamps, woodwork, decorations and mosaics.