Amor de Mar

Where we are?

Montezuma is on the tip of the of Nicoya Peninsula, between Cabo Blanco and Tambor • Costa Rica

El Jardin Sanador

El Jardin Sanador offers a space of tranquility and natural beauty in front of the ocean, surrounded by a luscious tropical garden.

A small gazebo under an almond tree provides the necessary comfort to achieve peace of mind and real connection with nature. Thanks to the positive reactions that the four elements generate in our body, the process of restoring & detoxification reach maximum results, such as physical wellness, mental clarity and awareness.

Year after year, El Jardin Sanador receives more visitors interested in improving their quality of life.

Detox, restoring and integrating techniques help to achieve the natural energetic balance in the body; because being healthy is natural!

Welcome to El Jardin Sanador!


About Cecilia −The therapistcecilia_amordemar_spa

  • Therapist certified in Argentina and Costa Rica.
  • Zen shiatsu by the Chan Kong Meng Assoc. 2005
  • Abdomen detox & foot Thai massage by Shiatsunuad School.
  • Lymphatic drainage. Clay therapy by the Argentinian school of clay therapy.
  • Acupressure by Yoga Lamat, Costa Rica.

Therapeutic treatments


Japanese treatment that consists in applying pressure on specific points throughout the body together with stretching maneuvers which help to regulate the energy flow and eliminate toxins, activating your natural self-healing capabilities.

Lymphatic drainage

Therapeutic treatment that help the lymphatic system to eliminate accumulated toxins. Recommended to people who had a surgery or suffers from liquid retention. Rejuvenate your skin too.

Therapeutic massage

It’s a 80 minutes treatment focused in eliminating tensions and toxins from your body. Special technique which combines deep and firm pressure with slow and relaxing movements. Highly recommended for people with chronic pains, digestive, joints and cervical problems.

Detox treatments

Abdomen detox

“Touching the origin of life” Ancient Taoist therapy that works on the internal organs. It combines glides and pressures on the abdomen synchronized with breathing and healing sounds. Moving the energy, helps hormones secretion and toxins   elimination, balancing your emotional state too. Improves digestion, metabolism and blood circulation. Boost your immune system.

Energy Balance

Acupressure treatment on specific power point that positively influence endorphins secretion and neurotransmitters connection. Very effective to mitigate and heal many physical and emotional pathologies.

Clay therapy

These treatments are very helpful in balancing your body. Different types of clay application which eliminates toxins, nourish your skin and stimulate digestion and nutrients absorption. It’s an highly relaxing and restorative experience that balance your body temperature. All clay therapies includes hydrating and moisturising massage depending on skin types.

Relax treatments

Swedish massage

Soft pressure treatment that uses specials essential oils which help to relax nervous system and simulate blood circulation. Improving skin appearance. Ideal for insomnia or stress problems.

Foot Thai massage

It’s a traditional Thai technique which combines stretching, massage and pressure on reflexology points in the feet using a teak stick . Relax your mind and has a strong detoxifying effect on the whole body. Recommended for circulatory problems and joints pain.

Beauty & health

Full body skin cleanse

90 minutes dedicated to your body care .Using the healing properties of volcanic clay , it removes dead cells and impurities with a stimulating scrub; cleaning, softening and nourishing your skin.


Deep cleanse

Deep facial cleanse which eliminates all impurities. Includes scrub, toxins drainage, natural and nourishing masks.